Talk like me : Anatomy of a book.

In order to describe precisely and accurately the current state an artefact is in, it is of the utmost importance to be able to differentiate each and every part of it.
In that way, restoration vocabulary is the sum of every craftsmanship’s lingo that permitted the very existence of the objects it’s tending to.

Today, let’s start with a seemingly easy one that we all believe we know.
A book.
Cover, pages and sometimes bookmark.
Easy peasy.
Unless you’re an editor, a bookbinder, a curator or a conservator…
Here’s a quick tour of what a book is composed of, pay attention there’s a test at the end.

The most inquiring ones among you can browse through M.Holmes’ book from 1914 to have an overview of what books can be inside and out.

Now for your assignment : for next week, try to find a type of book this description can’t be applied to.
As i’m the magnanimous kind, here’s a hint. First, ask yourselves what is a book and where it comes from.


credit Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

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