French Cuisine

Some of you, foodies and culinary shows aficionados, may already know it : french cuisine has been listed as the intagible heritage list of UNESCO in 2010.

The mayonnaise recipe is now safe. And actually a lot more than that.

The text listing « Gastronomic meal of the French » ( ) as heritage underlines the social practice that participates to celebrating important events while emphasizing togetherness. Sol long ham sandwich (the infamous « Jambon-Beurre ») of lunch break, we’re talking 3 hours cooking minimum.

According to the text, this gastronomic meal is a festive event bringing people together for a special occasion to enjoy the art of good eating and drinking, the sensory pleasures of taste and the balance between human beings and the products of nature. Something more akin to a religious experience if you will.

Furthermore, the heritage also lies in elements like the meal preparation, from grocery shopping in the morning to selecting the tableware and pairing dishes and wine, or the experience of the meal itself with the conversation going on and the interaction between generations it can involve.

For at least four courses, if you please.

And finally, it appears as an unspoken yet strong duty to every gastronome to see the rules are respected and that the younger generations learn about them.

Have another piece of dessert : it’s a militant act !


Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash

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