Acanthus mollis, lessons from M.Page #2

It is now time for us to learn how to draw acanthus the easy and fool-proofed way, courtesy of M.Page.

Let’s start with the grid that will be the basis of everything. Take your time to build it and everything else will fall into place with little effort. These are M.Page recommendations:

« …Draw a perpendicular line, […], to whatever height you may require, or think proper, being careful to have the width of your base, or horizontal line in due proportion, which is half the height, or thereabouts, according the situation in which it is to be placed ; but I have found half to be sufficient, and on those principles the chief of my illustrations will be formed.

Your base line, […], is to be divided into six equal parts, one of each, […], from the perpendicular line, will give you where to start your conical lines to form the pistules on ; then divide the perpendicular line into five equal parts and one-fifth, will give you the springing for the head, or circular portion of the leaf, which starts from a line drawn parallel with your pistule line… »

Then you can begin to build the leaf up.

Be patient, small, cautious steps for your first attempt : event though the grid process seems tedious, it’s worth the try !

See you very soon for the next step.

For a better view, here is the full width image.


Photo by Inma Ibáñez

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