Acanthus mollis, lessons from M.Page #5 : fold and 3D fluff !

Thanks to M.Page, we are now a little less distraught facing the curves and multiple leaf divisions of the acanthuses representations. If push comes to shove, restoring missing parts or damages ones will be easier. Our hypotheses can now have a geometric foundation on which to build our preparatory sketches, adding the original author’s stylistic twist on the way.

What is true for 2D representations is also true for 3D ! Just for fun, how can we do a 3D representation of the following sketches ?

The article from which these sketches come from doesn’t mention neither the author nor the location of the original models. The sketches coming before and after illustrate consecutive ideas within the text so we can assume that those are different views of acanthus leaves as seen on Venitian palaces, dating from the XIth to the XIVth century. But if any of you, dear reader, knows better: please do tell !

The article’s author, Constantin Uhde (1836-1905) , was then professor at the Collegium Carolinum ( Technical University of Braunschweig). He made several documented trips to Italy between 1865 and 1901. Sketches might be his own.

The 3D interpretation of those sketches can give the following results, keeping in mind what M.Page taught us.

Acanthus leaves by skullyscorner on Sketchfab


Now, my dearies, i know some of you might want to play with the .obj files. Sadly, i do not deem them suitable enough to be released yet. They need more polishing to be easily used in one of your creation. This is a WIP as we ourselve are dipping our toes in the fascinating ocean of the 3D digital world. Our intend in the studio is to share them under creative commons licensing as soon as possible. We’ll keep you posted !


Photo by Nick Fewings

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