About us

#Why this blog

As curation, preservation and conservation professionals, we’re asked many times how it is to deal with heritage treasures on a regular basis.

To tell you the truth, it’s kind of awesome !
But we haven’t found -yet- a place on the web that tells what truly makes get up in the morning to go to work: the little stories behind the big ones.

Don’t get us wrong: we know there’s load of great online places to find out about heritage and culture. And also cats.

That’s where this little place on the web comes in : a way for us to share thoses little pieces with you.
Its aim is to show you all the little things we encountered or work with every day, hopefully in a light and fun kind of way.

#Who we are

We are trained and experienced curation and conservation professionals operating from France, dealing with pieces both from public and private collections.

From XIXth century paintings to modern art installations, from mummies to rockets and let’s not forget herbarias, we are lucky to have to work for and with all kinds of pieces.
We won’t tell names but some of us may have a real fancy for industrial, scientific and natural heritage.
Ok. You got us. We all do.

#What we do

We are working with teams that curate, conserve, restore and exhibit history’s treasures. And learn from them all !
Conservation of historic pieces often equals to an investigation. Why is it here, under our very noses ? How did it come into the collection its in ? Why did it ? How did it get into whatever physical state its in ? We sure about the color ? What material is it made of ? And so on. You get the idea.

Once all this questioning is dealt with -let’s face it, sometimes some questions remain unanswered-, we then can proceed to actions. Surrounded by teams from various backgrounds, we try and preserve things so that you and future generations can benefit from them.

Yes, this job has some cheesy accents too…

#Ask us !

Things you’ve always wondered about in that field but where too afraid to ask ? Don’t hesitate ! Ask us !
We may not have the answers but we sure can try ! We have a little thing for researching things – must come with the territory-.
And besides, we love talking to you.

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