Little treats for the mind.

The hair of a goddess (3D)

A goddess and a cat

Many of you are probably familliar with this museum item, namely the “Gayer-Anderson cat”, preserved in the British Museum in London. It is the depiction […]

Let’s shake hands on that !

Some of us store various amounts of gizmos and doodahs in attics or garages, washed up in improbable boxes invariably labeled « misc. » during a consequent period. Among those items […]

Papers, please ?

Chemical composition is one of the key elements to trace the origin and the age of old papers. Elements such as cotton fibers shouldn’t be found in papers before […]

To the bone

Ever wondered what were the common elements between a teapot, a pasture and a leather shoe ? What ? Never wondered about that ? How peculiar !
Yet, the answer is simple : a cow. […]

The art of things well made

In France technical and industrial heritage has officially been a part of cultural heritage since the early 70’s, despite the fact the latest is historically leaning toward more «traditional […]

Conservator blues

Ever wondered how tinted conservation paper was made ?
Here’s the answer… […]

Frame of mind #1

Enjoy! Skully and his pals are proud to present their first installment of vintage paper frames DIY. Two models for your decorating pleasure: Venetian and Art Nouveau.
These pieces are […]

The box that time forgot #1

Sometimes, very rarely, you stumble upon something like this:  a box no one has opened for a very long time. Approximately a century for that one.
Quietly, these window and […]