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The hair of a goddess (3D)

A goddess and a cat

Many of you are probably familliar with this museum item, namely the “Gayer-Anderson cat”, preserved in the British Museum in London. It is the depiction […]

You can’t handle the truth !

TL; DR: “Victorian” and “traditional” often means “can’t really date but looks old”.

As with most of the good stories, it all started with a finding in an old box […]

Acanthus mollis, lessons from M.Page #5 : fold and 3D fluff !

Thanks to M.Page, we are now a little less distraught facing the curves and multiple leaf divisions of the acanthuses representations. If push comes to shove, restoring missing parts […]

Butterflies in the stomach

Every famous explorer worth his or her salt brought back natural specimens from their journeys. This practice historically created most of the modern natural history museums, enriching their collections […]

Cinnabar red

Cinnabar is a natural compound containing mercury(II) sulfide. Processing cinnabar results in a fine, brilliant, deep red powder : it has been used ever since the antiquity as « Vermilion » to […]

Plastered in Paris

In a nutshell, plaster is a generic designation for a protective or decorative coating. As a material it is most commonly prepared by heating gypsum then grinding it to […]

The mercury in the Willows

or how to deal with industrial heritage sites pollution issues via phytoremediation.

Ever wondered how you could be allowed to walk freely around an old factory turned art center when […]

The perks of being a wallpaper

This picture shows a tiny part of an ensemble that hangs on the walls of a chinese boudoir in a french little castle from the XVIIIth century.Well hanged, for […]

Of rust and men.

It’s spring again and some of us will tend to small projects around the house. Like mowing the lawn, weeding the garden, painting the blinds or the entry iron […]

All around your blues

The chemical mix that includes Prussian blue, Ferric ferrocyanide, and gives its mesmerizing dark blue colour to cyanotypes has a bewildering behavior. It’s “alive”. Magic ? Better, chemistry ! […]