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Plate with river animals and plants reliefs from the school of Bernard Palissy

Anatomy of a plate

Have you ever taken a good look at a plate ?

Don’t be cheeky, I know I’m not the only one.

We use them every day, see them everywhere, and almost […]

The hair of a goddess (3D)

A goddess and a cat

Many of you are probably familliar with this museum item, namely the “Gayer-Anderson cat”, preserved in the British Museum in London. It is the depiction […]

The empress emerald

Have you ever looked at a gemstone for so long its shape and reflections start to make no sense ?Make it move just a little and it worsen !

Light […]

You can’t handle the truth !

TL; DR: “Victorian” and “traditional” often means “can’t really date but looks old”.

As with most of the good stories, it all started with a finding in an old box […]

Acanthus mollis, lessons from M.Page #5 : fold and 3D fluff !

Thanks to M.Page, we are now a little less distraught facing the curves and multiple leaf divisions of the acanthuses representations. If push comes to shove, restoring missing parts […]

Acanthus mollis, lessons from M.Page #2

It is now time for us to learn how to draw acanthus the easy and fool-proofed way, courtesy of M.Page.

Let’s start with the grid that will be the basis […]

The Acanthus leaf, lessons from M.Page

We talked in a previous post of the extensive use western art made of the Acanthus outline. As an art restorer, it is one useful thing to know how […]

Acanthus mollis, ornamental design by democratic election.

Acanthus mollis luscious leaves are among the most popular ornamental designs in western art since antiquity.

Acanthus mollis plant

One of the first documented occurrences of stylized acanthus leaves are to […]

And don’t forget the ashtrays.

“The DS”, Gabriel Orozco, 1993, Fonds National d’Art Contemporain, Paris . Inv N°iFNAC 94003.

The DS is one of Gabriel Orozco most famous creation. It is one of his most important […]

The grapes of softness.

«The Virgin of the grapes », Mignard Pierre (1612-1695), 1640-1650, Musée du Louvre. Oil on canvas. The painting entered Louis XIV collections before 1710. Like Le Brun, Mignard is […]